Designing experiences at


I designed products at UserTesting and received my Master of Science degree in Experience Design from the College of Arts, Media and Design at Northeastern University.

I dedicated my life to food, farming, and accessibility— researching, growing, and designing environments on farms in Ferguson, Missouri and St. Louis and later across Massachusetts.

I conducted research at a London-based organization focused on human rights crises in Syria, and at a Cambridge-based research institute focused on injustices throughout the global food system.

I received my bachelor's degree is in International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies, and Geography from Syracuse University.

At the Core

I find common threads in experiential aspects— of one’s interaction with landscape, with physical material, and with information. I believe in compassion, empathy, and human centered approaches.

I continue to find beauty, appreciation, and conviviality in my floral design work.

When away from my desk I am often making things with my hands, absorbed in a book, or at home alongside bodies of water.

Vicky, happily sitting on a rock by the ocean, in Maine. 2021.